B1MR-U Side Pocket

Descriptions : B1MR-U Side Pocket Mandrels
Size 2-3/8″ X 1″
Type Round body with Top Guard Deflector and Orienting Sleeve
Flow-control device size 1”
Connections: 2-3/8″, 4.7 PPF EU Box top X Pin down
OD 3.850”
Minimum ID 1.995″
Length 85″
Material Grade UNS G41300 (AISI 4130) UNS G41400 (AISI 4140)
Q&T 28-34 HRc
Manufacturing lead time one week,


The model ‘B1MR-U’ Side-pocket Mandrels allow use of standard wireline tools for installation and retrieval of different types of flow control devices in smaller-diameter casing, where standard-diameter Side-pocket Mandrels may not be practical.

These special clearance Side-pocket Mandrels (SPM) feature round body configurations and provided with Top Guard Deflector and Orienting Sleeve. SPM Pocket accepts wireline retrievable flow-control device used in gas lift, chemical injection from annulus or other special applications.

The sealing bore diameter for these Side-pocket Mandrels conforms to API Specs 19G1 requirement for 1” nominal valve OD and compatible to most of the wireline retrievable flow-control device along with GBK-2 Latch.

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