Packer System


Product No.: BI 415-13

Model "BD" Retainer Production Packers are the most widely used, most versatile, high performance Permanent Production Packers available. They are frequently used as a permanent squeeze or testing Packer or as a permanent or temporary Bridge Plug.

Model "BD" Packers and their guides can also be ordered separately by those interested in maximum inventory flexibility.

Packer Setting:
Electric Line Wire Line
Adapter Kit Tubing

Packer Accessories:
Tubing Seal Assemblies
Perforated Spacer Tubes

Features / Benefits:

  • Proven reliability
  • Slim-line design
  • Solid construction that makes possible a significant savings in rig time by providing a 50% faster run-in without fear of impact damage or premature setting.
  • Two opposed sets of full-circle, full strength slips.
  • A packing element that resists swab-off but packs-off securely when the Packer is set.
  • Unique inter locked expandable metal back-up rings that contact the casing creating positive Packing Element extrusion barrier.
Model "BC" Casing Scraper
Product No.: BI 415-13


Product No.: BI 413-06

Model "BF-1" Retainer Production Packer is large bore version of Model "BD" Retainer Production Packer. They combine the features of the “BD” with the largest bore through any drillable Packer.

Packer Setting:
Electric Line

Packer Accessories:
Tubing Seal Assemblies
Seal Bore Extensions
Mill-out Extensions
Packer Plugs
Expansion Joints

Features / Benefits:

  • Solid, slim-line construction and a packing element system that resists swab-off. This provides a faster run-in time without fear of impact damage or premature setting, yet packs-off securely and permanently when the Packer is set.
  • Two opposed sets of full-circle; full strength slips assure that the Packer will stay where it is set.
  • Unique interlocked, expandable metal back-up rings contact the casing and create a positive barrier to Packing Element extrusion.
  • The largest possible opening through a drillable Packer.
Model "B" Junk Basket
Product No.: BI 413-06
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