Gas Lift Equipment

The Gas Lift Equipment- An overview

As oil production continues, oil wells get deeper and have reduced reservoir pressure which requires external assistance to take the fluid to surface. To meet these demands, BOTIL offers complete range of Gas lift equipment including Conventional Gas Lift Mandrels, Side Pocket Mandrels and Flow-control devices like Gas Lift Valves, Dummy Valves, Chemical injection Valves , Orifice Valves etc.

BOTIL Wireline Valves (FCDs) of each design, type and size are validated and tested in accordance with ISO 17078-2/API Spec 19G2 as well as Customer specification. These Valves are offered in customer specified materials.

To accommodate these flow-control devices, BOTIL offers Side Pocket Mandrels, specially designed, Manufactured, Validated and tested as per ISO 17078-1/API Specification 19G1 as well as customer specification.

BOTIL SPM range includes operating accessories viz. Latches, Kick-over tool, Running and Pulling tool manufactured and tested as per ISO 17078-3/API Specification 19G3.

The integral Latch and Gas Lift Valve are installed in the Side-pocket Mandrel using standard slick line method with Running tool and Kick-over tool. The Latch secures the Flow-control device inside Pocket seal bore of Side-pocket Mandrel until human intervention takes place.

The Pulling tool is used with Kick-over tool to retrieve flow-control devices from a Side-pocket Mandrel. This releases the locking mechanism of the Latch and retrieves Flow-control devices attached to it. Other Gas lift equipment such as Conventional Gas lift mandrels, Conventional Valves (tubing retrievable) etc. are also offered to meet the industry requirements

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