Bridge Plug & Cement Retainer

Model "K-1" Cement Retainer

(Mechanical Set)
Product No.: BI 400-21

(Wireline Set)
Product No.: BI 400-23

This drillable Cement Retainer continues to be the best tool available for single-interval squeeze, batch, or block squeeze cementing.

The Model K-1 Cement Retainer is constructed of components subject to stringent material specifications and quality control procedures. It provides the optimum strength and drillability combination. The model K-1 Cement Retainer’s two way valve is controlled from the surface: no springs to cock or stick. Just pick up to close; set down to open. Maximum clearance for fast running plus improved drillability and pressure ratings make it the right choice.

Performance features:
Tubing or electric line set: Can be set by mechanical methods on tubing or drill pipe, or run and set on electric line. Faster, safer run-in. Run - in speed is up to the operator. Locked construction design and larger clearance make this possible.

Tests tubing: Tubing can be tested before squeezing by picking up to close the valve and applying pressure.

Holds final squeeze pressure: The automatic closing of the valve when picking up, or removal of stinger, ensures holding the squeeze under final pressure as cement is circulated out

Isolates squeeze from hydrostatic pressure: Keeping hydrostatic pressure off the zone just squeezed is important, especially for cementing low-fluid-level wells in batchsqueeze operations. This unique valve guarantees an effective seal.

Fast drill out: New material specifications developed especially for the K-1 Cement Retainers result in faster drill out.

Model K – 1 Mechanical Set Cement Retainer
Product No.: BI 400-21
Model K - 1 Wireline Set Cement Retainer
Product No.: BI 400-23
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