BRIDGE PLUG  -  CEMENT RETAINER                                                                        Product Catalogue

                         Cement Retainer
                         Bridge Plug

                         Milling Tool

                         Retrievable Bridge Plug




PRIMARY CEMENTING                                                                                                    Product Catalogue

Float Shoe & Collar

Differential Fill-Up Shoe & Collar

Cement Float Collar with Anti-Rotational Plugs

Anti-Rotational Cementing Plugs

Cementing Plugs

Duplex Cement Float Shoe & Collar

Stab ln Float Shoe & Collar

Auto-Fill Cement Float Shoe

Auto-Fill Cement Float Collar

Cement Basket

Butt-Weld Cement Float Collar

Cement Float Shoe & Collar with Poppet Valve

Model "B" Stab-in-Float Shoe & Collar with Poppet Valve

Stage Cementing Collar

Hydraulic Opening - Stage Cementing Collar

Single and Double Valve Type Conventional Cementing Head



LINER HANGER SYSTEM                                                                                                Product Catalogue

Simplex Liner Hanger

Accessories & Running Tool

Hydraulic Liner Hanger

Mechanical Liner Hanger

Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hanger

Accessories & Running Tool

Liner Top Packer

Liner Tie Back Packer

Pocket Slip Liner Hanger

Hydraulic Release Running Tool Accessories

Mechanical Liner Hanger

Top Drive Cementing Head

Plug Dropping Head

Swab Cup Packer


CASING CLEAN UP TOOLS                                                                                             Product Catalogue

                        Casing Scrapper
                        Junk Basket

                        Junk Sub



SEAL BORE PACKER SYSTEM PERMANENT                                                           Product Catalogue

Wire Line Set  &  Hydraulic Set Retainer Production Packer

Tubing Seal Assembly

Packer Plug

Millout Extension

Seal Bore Extension

Expansion Joint

Tubing Seal Receptacle
Spacer Tube

Wireline Entry Guide



SEAL BORE PACKER SYSTEM RETRIEVABLE                                                        Product Catalogue

Retrievable Hydraulic Seal Bore Packer (ERD)

Wire Line Adapter Kit

"BH" Hydraulic Setting Tool

"BR" Retrieving Tool

“BC-2 RAH” Retrievable Seal Bore Packer

“BH” Retrieving Tool

“PBR” Retrievable Seal Bore Packer

“BC” Retrieving Tool

“BP” Retrieving Tool

“PBR” Packer Bore Receptacle



PRODUCTION AND TEST PACKER RETRIEVABLE                                                Product Catalogue

Mechanical Packer

Hydraulic Dual Packer

Lock-Set Packer

On-Off Sealing Connector

Hydrostatic Packer

Large Bore Hydrostatic Packer

Hydraulic Hold Down Hydro-Trip Pressure Sub

Test Treat Fracture Packer Hydraulic Packer

Hydraulic Large Bore Packer

Tension Packer

Tubing Anchor Catcher Tandem Tension Packer

Retrievable Casing Packer

Snap Set Compression Packer

Ball Catcher Sub

Auto Fill Pump Out Plug

Shear Out Ball Seat Sub

Flow Coupling

Safety Joint

“BNC” Storm Valve


RETRIEVABLE CEMENTER                                                                                             Product Catalogue

Full Bore Retrievable Cementer

Tubing Tester

Up-Strain Unloading Sub

“BEA” Retrievamatic Service Packer

“BP-2” Unloader Sub

“BS” Full Bore Tubing Tester


FLOW CONTROL EQUIPMENT                                                                                       Product Catalogue

Seating Nipple

Sliding Sleeve

Separation Sleeve

BD-2 Shifting Tool

Non Elastomeric Sliding sleeve (XD/RD)

B- Shifting Tool

“B-CLWE” Separation Sleeve




BC-1 Running Tool

Soft Release Running Tool

JDC Pulling Tool

JUC Pulling Tool

Instrument Hanger

Check Valve


Blanking Plug

SB Pulling Tool

RB Pulling Tool

"X" & "XN" Seating Nipple

"R" & "RN" Seating Nipple

BRT Seating Nipple

Equalizing Check Valve

"BR" Running Tool

"BRN" Lock Mandrel

"X" Running & Pulling Prong

"R" Valve Cap

"GS" Running and Pulling Tool

"BPR" Plug

"BPR" Plug Equalizing Sub Assembly


SUB-SURFACE SAFETY VALVE                                                                                    Product Catalogue

BHE Wireline – Retrievable Surface

Controlled Sub-Surface Safety Valve


GAS LIFT EQUIPMENT                                                                                                     Product Catalogue

Side Pocket Mandrel

Side Pocket Mandrel-Round Body

Side Pocket Mandrel-Chemical Injection

Valve Latch

Dummy Valve

Orifice Valve

Retrievable Gas Lift Valve

Retrievable Chemical Injection Gas Lift Valve

Kick Over Tool

Conventional Gas Lift Valve

Check Valve

Conventional Gas Lift Mandrel

Running Tool

Pulling Tool